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Can RF Beauty restore facial elasticity

With the development of medical cosmetology, many beauty lovers improve through plastic surgery. RF wrinkle removal can help beauty lovers remove wrinkles and whiten. Can RF Beauty restore the elasticity of the face?

In order to make themselves younger, beauty lovers pay more and more attention to plastic surgery. Nowadays, RF Beauty is very popular with beauty lovers. Many beauty lovers make themselves younger through RF Beauty. Can RF Beauty restore the elasticity of the face?

Radiofrequency cosmetic technology is a new non-surgical and quasi medical cosmetic technology, which is quite commonly used in facial tightening, lifting and wrinkle removal. Unlike the third generation IPL intense pulsed light, which can only improve the superficial layer of the skin, RF technology can not only reach the superficial layer of the skin, but also directly reach the deep layer of the skin and directly improve the dermis. Using the heat conduction effect of electric waves, the collagen tissue in the deep layer of the skin is heated up to 45 ℃ – 60 ℃, which produces immediate contraction, continuously stimulates the continuous proliferation of collagen, and makes the skin firm, smooth and young.

Radiofrequency cosmetology does not need surgery or anesthesia. Only the treatment head is close to the skin for treatment, and obvious cosmetology effects such as skin firming, wrinkle removal and fat reduction can be obtained simultaneously. After treatment, you can wash your face and make-up in about 30 minutes. There is no trace after treatment, which generally will not affect normal work and life.

Can RF Beauty restore facial elasticity? Radiofrequency irradiates the skin in a non-invasive way, so as to intensify the activity of water molecules in the tissue, rub each other and generate heat. The heat energy can enhance local blood circulation, cause the decomposition of fatty acids and the apoptosis of adipocytes, and then “bake” the subcutaneous fat to harden it and stimulate the regeneration of subcutaneous collagen, so as to make the skin of beauty lovers elastic.

Can RF Beauty restore facial elasticity? Through the above introduction, beauty lovers should have known that RF beauty can not only restore the elasticity of beauty lovers’ skin, but also remove wrinkles. In addition, beauty lovers must go to a regular and qualified hospital.