Difference between EMS RF needleless hydrograph and micro motion RF hydrograph

1、 Principle

EMS composite biological wave uses special waveform combined with dual RF and monocrystalline silicon chip to act on different layers of skin, making the product more permeable, breaking the new trend of needle free water light, solving the problems of skin absorption and effect, and achieving painless and noninvasive.

monocrystalline silicon:

It is a relatively tough material. After precise processing, it can act on the instrument finer and denser, and better open the skin channel.

Composite biological wave:

Sensitive and neutral skin can be selected. The energy value of each skin type is inconsistent and comfortable.

It can act on the surface layer, shallow layer and deep layer of the skin, and the energy will change according to the change of the layer (micro current: it has a strong sense of current and uncomfortable experience during operation, and the customer resists it. It only acts on the epidermal layer of the skin to stimulate skin contraction and passive absorption. At present, it is not used in the field of needle free water and light)

2、 Advantage

The appearance with a sense of science and technology, the use of EMS, the use of special waveforms, composite biological radio waves and RF double experience make the absorption and experience of the product stronger

The needle free water light on the market only combines the two functions of RF. Meidaoyi EMS instrument breaks through the traditional needle free water light, is bold and novel, and uses the three functions of composite biological radio wave and RF

The inside of the handle adopts silicone hose imported from Korea, with nano coating and easy cleaning

The liquid guide part adopts the peristaltic pump design, the liquid does not contact the pump body to avoid secondary pollution, and the structural stability is higher than the previous transmission mode using syringe injection. The instrument handle will not be stuck and will not be affected by the liquid concentration

Improved instrument installation makes the operator more convenient and intuitive (ampoules can be used directly without syringes,

Catheters and other consumables belonging to the category of medical devices to avoid policy risks)

  1. The instrument has its own automatic cleaning function, which is more convenient and intelligent. (remember to clean before and after use)

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