E light tender skin, easy to have firm and beautiful skin

Westerners pursue wheat color, while we easterners pursue fine, tender and smooth white skin, but many whitening methods make us hesitate. What is the efficacy and effect of the recent popular e-light rejuvenation? Let’s take a closer look.

Light rejuvenation is a non-invasive skin medical technology. Its comprehensive effect can improve skin quality from the base, solve skin problems, reduce fine lines, remove color spots, shrink pores, whiten skin, and have firm and bright skin in one course of treatment. This technology has sprung up in the United States and swept the world, and has become the Royal skin care method of star celebrities. Israel’s e-light rejuvenation and whitening system is a beauty instrument integrating skin maintenance and treatment.

Who does light rejuvenation apply to?

It is suitable for people who want to remove the influence of sunlight and age on the skin, such as pigment spots, red blood filaments, rough skin, coarse pores and so on. Rejuvenation can include the face, neck, shoulders, hands, arms and other parts.

There are advantages in choosing a professional e-ray rejuvenation beauty agency:

  1. E-ray rejuvenation will not damage the skin, and the curative effect is more significant, which is twice that of traditional photon rejuvenation.
  2. Photon and RF release energy at the same time, stimulate the regeneration of collagen tissue, restore skin elasticity, remove small wrinkles, improve the skin as a whole, shrink pores, and make the skin glow healthy and moving again. Through the treatment of e-light rejuvenation, the skin texture can be significantly improved, and the pores can be reduced accordingly. E-light rejuvenation is more effective than traditional photon rejuvenation in the treatment of skin relaxation, especially in the face and neck.
  3. Photon and radio frequency release energy at the same time. Through the selective absorption of light energy by the target tissue, it focuses on various pigmented and vascular plaques in the dermis, removes pigments and plaques, and plays a role in whitening the skin.
  4. E-ray rejuvenation has faster effect, the treatment process is more comfortable and convenient, and there are no complications such as erythema, edema and purpura after operation.

There is no rebound in e-ray treatment, because it mainly adjusts the skin to a healthy state, but can not prevent the normal aging of skin structure. Therefore, after e-ray treatment, the skin still needs daily maintenance to delay skin aging. And it is also a safe and effective way to treat skin.