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EMS beauty guide instrument breaks the new trend of needle free water light, and the effect is good

The cold and dry north can only expect heavy snow to moisten this unbearable “dry”! In fact, do you also feel the “dry” skin——– Dark yellow and lusterless, peeling, rough and inelastic. You really don’t go out without “makeup”. You can only “makeup” goddess!

Heavy snow can only hope, but it can be “has the final say” to replenishment the skin. Therefore, many younger sisters rushed to the hospital to replenish the skin. The doctor’s advice —– Shuiguang injection, but looking at the injection needle with 5 or 9 needles and thinking about the needle eyes on their face, many timid younger sisters will choose to escape with fear. In fact, there is a completely needleless water light ——- needleless water light.


Using vacuum microcrystalline and unique TDA (needle free transdermal technology), with a liquid flow of 0.001 mm and a high speed of 450 meters per second, through the skin channel opened by vacuum microcrystalline, we can fix the point, position, layer and quantitatively inject energy into the dermis. Relax the skin in a few minutes and provide immediate firmness.

1、 Principle

EMS composite biological wave uses special waveform combined with dual RF and monocrystalline silicon chip to act on different layers of skin, making the product more permeable, breaking the new trend of needle free water light, solving the problems of skin absorption and effect, and achieving painless and noninvasive.

monocrystalline silicon:

It is a relatively tough material. After precise processing, it can act on the instrument finer and denser, and better open the skin channel.

Composite biological wave:

You can choose sensitive and neutral skin. The energy value of each skin type is inconsistent, professional and comfortable.

It can act on the surface layer, shallow layer and deep layer of the skin, and the energy will change according to the change of the layer (micro current: it has a strong sense of current and uncomfortable experience during operation, and the customer resists it. It only acts on the epidermal layer of the skin to stimulate skin contraction and passive absorption. At present, it is not used in the field of needle free water and light)

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