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How long can radiofrequency beauty last

Women are most worried about wrinkles on their faces. Every beauty lover doesn’t want wrinkles on their faces. Therefore, RF Beauty has been favored by beauty lovers. How long can RF Beauty last?

Radiofrequency beauty can help beauty lovers improve their skin effects. More and more beauty lovers also make themselves young through radiofrequency wrinkle removal. How long can radiofrequency beauty last?

Radiofrequency cosmetology is to transmit the energy of radiofrequency waves to the depths of the skin after contacting the skin through a probe. This deep and balanced heating action can promote the immediate tension of skin structure and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in an immediate wrinkle removal effect. The skin and dermis are heated and stimulate collagen regeneration, so that the skin elasticity is gradually restored, so as to reduce skin wrinkles for a long time. Because RF acts on the dermis of the skin, it can effectively and permanently restore the elasticity of the skin.

After radiofrequency cosmetic treatment, it will immediately cause the contraction of dermal collagen. The effect is fast and lasting. The dermal collagen continues to proliferate. Most of the treatment can last for about half a year, and some can even last for 24 months; The effect of the second treatment is better than that of the first treatment, and the treatment interval is generally 1-3 months. Long term adherence to treatment can achieve the effect of tightening the skin, reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture.

The duration of radiofrequency cosmetology varies from person to person and from person to person. Generally, deep blue radiofrequency therapy can be maintained for three years or even longer at a time. Of course, this is related to the wrinkles of beauty seekers and postoperative care.

How long can radiofrequency beauty last? Through the above introduction, I believe beauty lovers have understood clearly that after a course of RF wrinkle removal, they can achieve good results, and the effect will be maintained for nearly 10 years, making you look at least 10-15 years younger than your peers. Experts suggest that we must go to a regular hospital.