How should facial have gravid spot do

Many beauty loving women are very distressed because they have pregnancy spots on their pregnant face. What should they do if they have pregnancy spots on their face? Now let’s follow the experts of laser beauty and plastic surgery to have a look!

The most beautiful time for a woman is the moment when she becomes a mother, but when she is pregnant, some people will have some large and small pregnancy spots on her face, which has brought great trouble to beauty lovers. At present, the method of choosing laser is the safest and effective, which can effectively remove the problem of how to do with pregnancy spots on her face. Therefore, laser beauty and plastic surgery experts made a detailed introduction.

According to the introduction of laser beauty and plastic surgery experts, the main causes of pregnancy spots are as follows:

  1. Hormone secretion disorder: the female hormone estrogen contained in the contraceptive pill will stimulate the secretion of melanin cells and form uneven spots. Although the spots formed by the contraceptive pill will stop after the interruption of medication, they will still stay on the skin for a long time. Due to the increase of female hormone estrogen during pregnancy, spots are easy to appear from 4-5 months of pregnancy. At this time, most of the spots will disappear after delivery. However, abnormal metabolism, skin under strong ultraviolet rays, mental stress and other reasons will deepen the spots. Sometimes the newly grown spots will not disappear after delivery, so we need to pay more attention.
  2. Wrong use of cosmetics: the use of cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin leads to skin allergy. In the process of treatment, if you irradiate ultraviolet rays excessively, the skin will accumulate melanin pigment in the inflammatory parts in order to resist the invasion of the outside world, which will lead to the problem of pigmentation.
  3. Ultraviolet: when irradiating ultraviolet rays, the human body will produce a lot of melanin pigment in the basal layer in order to protect the skin. Therefore, in order to protect the skin, more pigment will accumulate in sensitive parts. Often in strong sunlight, it not only promotes skin aging, but also causes pigmented skin diseases such as black spots and freckles.

Laser cosmetic and plastic surgery experts said that laser can remove pregnancy spots on the face. The reason for this is inseparable from the principle of laser removal of pregnancy spots. Laser removal of pregnancy spots mainly uses a laser instrument to produce different types of laser beams, and different laser beams will be absorbed by pigment cells of different colors. After absorbing light and heat, the pigment cells at the lesion disintegrate and gasify to close blood vessels, The broken dye particles are absorbed by the body and then discharged from the body to dissipate the calm pigment and achieve the purpose of removing pregnancy spots.

Laser cosmetic surgery points out that laser can remove pregnancy spots on the face, and laser removal of pregnancy spots is safe and effective and will not damage the normal tissue of the skin. The reason for this is related to the selective principle of light and heat. Only the calm skin pigment cells in the diseased part will absorb the specific laser light speed, so laser removal of pregnancy spots will not damage the skin tissue and has no side effects. Laser removal of pregnancy spots is convenient, fast, safe and has no side effects. If you are not satisfied at one time, you can also carry out multiple treatments. Generally, the interval between each time is 3 months.