best electric muscle stimulator

how well do muscle stimulators work?

The appearance with a sense of science and technology, the use of EMS, the use of special waveforms, high-end composite biological radio waves and RF dual experience make the absorption and experience of the product stronger

The needle free water light on the market only combines the two functions of RF. Meidaoyi EMS instrument breaks through the traditional needle free water light, is bold and novel, and uses the three functions of composite biological radio wave and RF

The inside of the handle adopts silicone hose imported from Korea, with nano coating and easy cleaning

The liquid guide part adopts the peristaltic pump design, the liquid does not contact the pump body to avoid secondary pollution, and the structural stability is higher than the previous transmission mode using syringe injection. The instrument handle will not be stuck and will not be affected by the liquid concentration

Improved instrument installation makes the operator more convenient and intuitive (ampoules can be used directly without syringes,

Catheters and other consumables belonging to the category of medical devices to avoid policy risks)

The instrument has its own automatic cleaning function, which is more convenient and intelligent. (remember to clean before and after use)

Precautions after emsculpt machine muscle stimulation

The muscle stimulator for back pain will appear reddish at the operating part, with some small particles, which is a normal phenomenon and will subside within a week.

Best electrical muscle stimulation machine the skin shall not touch water within 6 hours after operation. BB cream can be used on the third day and make-up can be used on the fifth day.

Meidaoyi forbids spicy and irritating food within a week. For food with deep pigment, do a good job in sunscreen.

after the operation of the guide, we need to strengthen the replenishment. We should apply the replenishment mask continuously and sooner or later, and do not use the functional replenishment product.

Sweat steaming, hot spring and swimming are not allowed within one week after the operation of the guide instrument.

Taboo population using deep muscle stimulator

Pregnancy, lactation and menstruation

Pacemaker, implantable cardiac defibrillator or other electromagnetic implantable medical device

Severe diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Patients with skin infectious diseases

Local trauma and severe acne

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