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Is RF Beauty harmful

Radio frequency beauty is a very popular beauty technology for modern beauties. Many women become young and beautiful because of radio frequency beauty. Is RF Beauty harmful?

Women pay great attention to their facial skin. Bad skin will directly affect women’s facial beauty. If we don’t solve the skin problem of the face early, it will become more and more serious. Many women pursue RF Beauty. Is RF Beauty harmful?

Principle of radiofrequency Cosmetology

Radiofrequency cosmetology uses a specially designed probe to send out high-frequency electromagnetic waves. When the radiofrequency cosmetology beam contacts the skin, the water molecules in the tissue are polar molecules, and the water molecules rotate and squeeze into other molecules due to the electromagnetic wave of the probe. The rapid rotation and oscillation of 40 million times per second will produce heat to the tissue.

Is RF Beauty harmful?

Radiofrequency cosmetology has always been one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetology projects in the clinic. It is a new non-invasive cosmetology technology after laser and photon. One of the biggest advantages is that it can synchronously achieve the effects of wrinkle removal, skin firming and face slimming. During treatment, the RF instrument acts on the skin with high-frequency pulse current, so that the energy can reach the dermis directly and generate heat directly from the body without damaging the surface skin. When the thermal energy of dermal tissue reaches about 40 ° C, collagen fibers produce immediate contraction, stimulating the secretion of more new collagen to fill the gap of shrinking and lost collagen. With the continuous regeneration and redistribution of dermal collagen, skin wrinkles are smoothed, and sagging skin becomes full, compact and elastic.

The probability of side effects of radiofrequency cosmetology is very small, which is less than 1%. It may produce reddish or uneven skin phenomena such as local edema, blisters and bruises after treatment, but these are temporary situations that can be improved in a few days. The effect of RF wrinkle removal varies according to the treatment site and personal maintenance methods. It can last for about 3 ~ 5 years, but it will also vary according to personal maintenance methods. The latest research points out that if you can achieve better results after multiple treatments, it is recommended to treat again in 3 ~ 6 months.