electrical muscle stimulation machine

CO2 Fractional Laser

Is RF Beauty harmful

Radio frequency beauty is a very popular beauty technology for modern beauties. Many women become young and beautiful because of radio frequency beauty. Is RF Beauty harmful? Women pay great attention to their facial skin. Bad skin will directly affect women’s facial beauty. If we don’t solve the skin problem of the face early, it …

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E light tender skin, easy to have firm and beautiful skin

Westerners pursue wheat color, while we easterners pursue fine, tender and smooth white skin, but many whitening methods make us hesitate. What is the efficacy and effect of the recent popular e-light rejuvenation? Let’s take a closer look. Light rejuvenation is a non-invasive skin medical technology. Its comprehensive effect can improve skin quality from the …

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Vivace RF Microneedle Firming Machine

Effect of electrical stimulation

Generally speaking, the role of electrical stimulation is very comprehensive. First, it can relieve stubborn neuropathic pain, restore patients’ physical function and relieve pain, and restore perception, such as taste, smell and other senses. In other words, electrical stimulation can restore and stimulate the functions of various nerves. In general, clinically, electrical stimulation therapy is …

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tens muscle stimulator

Electrical stimulation therapy

Electrical stimulation is a very effective method in the conservative treatment of scoliosis. What is the specific operation process and help of electrical stimulation? Let’s give you a brief introduction. Most of the commonly used electrical stimuli are dual channel body surface electrical stimulators. The two groups of electrodes are respectively placed at specific positions …

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