What harm does electric stimulation pelvic floor muscle treatment have

After giving birth to a child, mothers hope to return to normal state quickly, but what should they do? Is it through manual training or machine treatment, listening to traditional Chinese doctors or choosing western medicine? Some people will ask whether electric stimulation of pelvic floor muscle treatment is useful and whether it will have adverse effects. What are the hazards of electric stimulation of pelvic floor muscle treatment?

What harm does electric stimulation pelvic floor muscle treatment have

What harm does electric stimulation pelvic floor muscle treatment have

The harm of correct treatment is small. It is easy to have a very small amount of vaginal bleeding during pelvic floor myoelectric stimulation treatment, so the treatment can be continued. If there is a large amount of vaginal bleeding, pain and discomfort, pelvic floor EMG stimulation can be temporarily terminated to find out the cause of vaginal bleeding and symptomatic treatment. Pelvic floor myoelectric stimulation is mainly to strengthen the contraction of urethral sphincter and inhibit bladder detrusor >

It is suggested that pregnant women should be treated twice a week for 8 weeks. Pelvic floor EMG stimulation is relatively safe and has no side effects. It is a non-invasive operation without obvious discomfort and has analgesic function.

Individualization of postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation

The pelvic floor injury of each parturient is different, and everyone’s initial muscle contraction ability and learning ability are different. Some parturients have better class I fiber contraction ability, some parturients have better class II fiber contraction ability, and a small part can’t even recognize the pelvic floor muscle contraction.

Therefore, postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation can not unify the treatment standard and fixed training mode. We must follow the principle of individualized treatment, make timely adjustment according to each pregnant woman’s own situation and the effect in the rehabilitation process, and formulate individualized training mode and scheme.

The exploration of individualized customized rehabilitation of postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation has just begun. There is still a lot of work to be done in the future. A lot of clinical experience needs to be summarized. This poses challenges for obstetricians and obstetricians. How to carry out individualized treatment effectively for a long time is still a problem to be solved. The harm of individualized customized electrical stimulation will also be reduced. We should maintain a positive attitude to deal with the treatment.