What is the beauty cleanser? What are the precautions for using electrical muscle stimulator

For every skincare expert, skin care is very important. They will choose a variety of skin care products to help them maintain their skin. In recent years, beauty cleansers have become popular, and many people are very willing to buy a beauty cleanser for themselves. What kind of skin care products is the beauty cleanser? What are the precautions for using beauty cleanser? Let’s take a closer look!

What kind of skin care product is beauty stimulator EMS?

In fact, beauty cleanser is the latest cleansing product rising in recent one or two years. Many people call it a face brush. This “face brush” is very special. It uses the ultrasonic principle to vibrate the fine hairs on the face brush, so as to achieve efficient and non irritating cleaning and massage effect.

Using beauty tens muscle stimulator, through ultrasonic vibration, can help the cleansing cream form a high-density uniform foam, which can completely clean the face, and also achieve the beauty and health care effect. It is a very popular cleansing product in recent years.

What are the precautions for using beauty cleanser?

(1) One uses one brush head

In order to ensure the cleanness of the skin, we must pay attention not to share the brush head with others when using the beauty cleanser, so as to avoid cross infection and skin problems.

(2) Clean the brush head after each use

After the best pelvic floor muscle stimulator is used, the brush head must be thoroughly cleaned and properly kept, so as to continue to use and improve its service life.

(3) Replace the brush head regularly

The brush head of beauty cleanser can not be used for a long time, about 3 months. In order to ensure the safety of use, pay attention to replacing the brush head.

(4) It cannot be used every day

Beauty cleansers cannot be used every day, because long-term use of these ultrasonic cleansers may damage skin epidermal cells, resulting in thinner and thinner skin, which may easily lead to skin sensitivity. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use them 1 ~ 2 times a week.

The above is about what skin care products the beauty cleanser is. Although the beauty cleanser is very popular in recent years, there are still many precautions to know in use. Therefore, we must be more careful in the process of use.

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