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What is the function principle of EMS micro current beauty instrument? What is the skin care effect

EMS micro current beauty instrument stimulates facial skin through current to achieve the effect of skin care and maintenance. Many people are interested in EMS micro current beauty instrument, but they don’t know what its working principle is. Today, let’s introduce this aspect and what kind of skin care effect EMS micro current can produce.

Micro current beauty: micro current is a low-level current, which can stimulate the face by sending soft electric waves to the facial muscles through the skin and tissues. It has been proved that micro current can stimulate the production of ATP, stimulate the vitality of facial muscles and promote the production of collagen and elastin.

Microcurrent is the use of microcurrent to stimulate muscle movement and accelerate the synthesis of facial collagen. When using micro current, conductive adhesive shall be used as medium. The function of the gel is to introduce the micro current into the human body. Under normal conditions, the human body cannot feel the current introduced into the human body. On the contrary, it feels more tingling, indicating that the current is not directly introduced into the human body and bounces on the surface of human skin, resulting in current. Tingling, gel should be added to introduce current. The feeling of micro current experience is very subtle. Usually wearing braces and a small amount of metal implants will not affect normal use.

Micro current (EMS), this is not China Post, but a model of beauty equipment. It mainly uses weak current to stimulate muscles and lymph nodes to contract muscles, so as to reduce edema and tension, but what are the hidden advantages of micro current? You may not know.

Human aging is divided into several steps. The first appearance is not wrinkles, but the “collapse and sagging” of the skin. This change is more terrible than wrinkles, because even if the skin turns white or tender, it is futile.

Wrinkles originate from the folds of the dermis. After the loss of collagen and elastin, the skin will partially collapse and feel sunken, forming real wrinkles. Skin sagging is caused by the aging of fascia layer, so special attention should be paid to anti-aging in daily skin maintenance.

Muscle stimulator microcrystalline introducer has both RF function and can focus energy on the dermis, stimulate collagen regeneration and tighten the skin. There are also import and EMS micro current functions. The introduction function can import skin care products and targeted anti aging essence, reaching deeper into the skin. EMS micro current function can open the skin surface channel and accelerate the absorption of nutrients.

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